Children & Families

At Turn Around we have developed successful strategies to help children of all ages overcome problems with reading, writing, English and maths - through patient, one-to one, personalised tuition we can help children reach full understanding of issues that have been confusing them and enable them to progress without anxiety.

Parents and carers play an important role in furthering a child’s progress. We support families in many ways: for example, advice on teaching your child to read, an accessible basic maths workbook, support with English language or help accessing information to other useful services and resources. We are always keen to help in any way we can.

Turn Around can also help children who have been excluded from school, face exclusion, or have been withdrawn by their parents because of discrimination or bullying. Our aim is always to increase a young person’s knowledge base and their self-confidence to the point where they will be able to re-enter school, go to college or take up an apprenticeship.

Young girl working on laptop and celebrating
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