Our Teaching Method

Turn Around’s approach to teaching literacy and numeracy is set out in the Volunteer Handbook and training videos that are made available to all volunteer tutors.

The key elements are:


Turn Around sessions are always one-to-one and focused on the needs and desires of the student. We find out where to start, and move on from there, but constantly re-evaluating progress and individual needs.


Turn Around tutors are always supportive and non-judgmental. Patience is one of the key requisites for a tutor.

Structured Approach:

There is a logical sequence for teaching each aspect of basic skills. Each step is taught clearly and tutors do not move on to the next step until the previous step has been mastered.

Practice and Repetition:

Many processes need to be practised sufficiently so as to operate in the subconscious. Reading itself, use of English, and many maths skills, need to become automatic to be used effectively.

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