Turn Around seeks to build positive links with the local authority, the third sector, community groups and other charities. Referrals from GPs, mental health professionals and SEND organisations and schools are always welcome. Turn Around is an associate member of Bromley Third Sector Enterprise and our volunteer recruitment is supported by the Bromley Volunteer Centre and Do It.

Turn Around also welcomes collaboration and partnerships. We have previously run homework clubs with the Bromley Gypsy Traveller Club and organised in-school catch-up tutor teams for Harris Orpington and St Johns’s Primary in Penge.  

During lockdown we answered a call for online tutors from the Roma Support Group for children who were worried about falling behind or needed to catch-up. Turn Around continues to support several of these students, who ordinarily would not be able to attend Turn Around’s in-person learning sessions because of travel distance.  

If you need to make a referral or have an idea for a collaborative project contact us at

Supported By

Chislehurst Rotary Club first reached out to Turn Around during the first lockdown of the pandemic. Over the last year the club has made two donations, totalling £2500, to help fund specific projects. Chislehurst Rotary Club have helped Turn Around renew our computer equipment, covered the cost of recruiting 10 volunteers and contributed to our website development project.

Prior to lockdown Turn Around only had one laptop and all our learning sessions were delivered in-person. Faced with the challenge of adapting to the new circumstances of a pandemic, Turn Around compiled online resources and started teaching online. We have now reopened for in-person learning sessions but some students continue to attend online. We now have 2 laptops available for student use and an upgraded computer for delivering online lessons.

Chislehurst Rotary Club have also part funded the long overdue rebuild of the Turn Around website, primarily to improve accessibility and resources for students and volunteers, but also to better represent Turn Around’s work to future partners. Without their support this work may have been further delayed.

Turn Around is also grateful for support from Waitrose Community Matters, Tesco ‘Bags of help’, Garfield Weston, The Trusthouse Charitable Foundation and the London Community Foundation on behalf of the Salway Fund, to help us expand our service and continue our work.

Turn Around also thanks everyone who has nominated us as their chosen charity and supported us while they shop at Easyfundraising & Amazon Smile

If you would like to become a partner with Turn Around please contact us or call 01689 835 079 and speak to the project manager Lynn Bird.
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